Gulflex EPG 2

Gulflex EPG 2 is a high quality multipurpose Lithium based “moly” grease that can be used in both industrial and automotive application within given temperature limits.

Features & Benefits

  • High Load carrying capacity and excellent wear protection.
  • Good mechanical stability and resistance to softening ensures long lubricant life and prevents leak out of bearings.
  • Good corrosion protection and excellent water resistance
  • Excellent oxidation stability leading to deposit free performance in operation.Applications
  • It is suitable for use in both industrial and automotive application.
  • It is suitable for applications having slow moving or oscillating bearings.
  • Note: It is not suitable for high speed rolling bearings.

Product Description

Specifications and Approvals:

Pack Size:

50Kg, 18Kg, Cartr. 400Gr x 12

Product Sheet

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