Gulf Syngear FE 75W-80

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Pack Size:
200L, 60L, 20L, 1L

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Product Description

Gulf Syngear FE 75W-80 is a synthetic thermally stable long life gear lubricant designed for improved fuel economy in commercial vehicles using manual transmissions fitted with different synchronisers including latest ones based on carbon.

Features & Benefits – Gulf Syngear FE 75W-80

  •  Superior lubricating properties provide improved fuel economy compared to conventional gear oil.
  • Usage of Superior additive technology with optimised friction levels ensures very good gear engagement with a variety of synchroniser materials including latest carbon.
  • Exceptional thermo-oxidative stability helps in keeping the gear clean for longer periods and extending the oil life – significantly longer than conventional gear oils.
  • Provides effective protection against rust and corrosion to gear components.
  • Outstanding low temperature fluidity ensures in smoother gear shift performance.
  • Exceptional shear stability helps retaining viscosity and film strength to protect against wear even under severe operating conditions.


  • Exclusively developed for manual ZF transmissions fitted with conventional synchronisers (Sinter and Molybdenum) as well as latest carbon synchronisers.
  • Recommended for use in latest technology Commercial Vehicle Manual transmissions requiring lubricants meeting MAN 341 Z-4 and Volvo 97305.
  • Suitable for manual transmissions of DAF, IVECO, Renault requiring such quality oils.
  • Also suitable for use in railroad transmissions which require gear oils meeting ZF TE-ML 16K.
  • Not recommended for automatic transmissions

Product Sheet

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