Gulf Superfleet Universal 5W-30

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    200L, 20L

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Gulf Superfleet Universal 5W-30: “low SAPS” Synthetic Premium Heavy Duty Engine Oil

This oil is designed by keeping in view the wide range of ACEA specifications (ACEA E6/E4/E9/E7), API CJ-4 and various OEM requirements for use in a fleet having different makes of engines with and without DPF requiring extended drain oils.

Features & Benefits – Gulf Superfleet Universal 5W-30

  • The latest additive technology having excellent detergent, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion properties  helps in reaching extended oil drain intervals and reducing maintenance cost.
  • The advanced low SAPS additive technology protects after treatment devices from deposits and prevents clogging of DPF.
  • The exceptional detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties keep engine clean and protects engine parts.
  • Excellent piston cleanliness performance provides protection against bore polishing & cylinder wear
  • High TBN level prevents corrosive wear of engine parts by neutralizing acids
  • Superior shear stability helps in maintaining viscosity even at higher loads and controls oil consumption
  • Excellent bio-fuel compatibility


  • Recommended for highly rated latest generation vehicles meeting Euro VI, Euro V and earlier emission norms
  • Suitable for engines with & without after treatment systems such as DPF and suitable for gas engines requiring ACEA E6 quality oils
  • SAE 5W-30 is recommended for engines requiring oils meeting Scania LDF-4 specification
  • Recommended for fleet consisting of different makes of engines and thus minimizing the inventory

Product Sheet

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