Gulf Superfleet Synth ULE 5W-30

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IBC, 200L, 20L,

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Gulf Superfleet Synth ULE 5W-30: Gulf Superfleet Synth ULE is synthetic ultra high performance diesel engine oil exclusively designed for the new generation, high performance, low emission engines.

  • This oil is formulated using the most advanced additive technology and synthetic base fluids to provide potential fuel economy benefits, outstanding high temperature viscosity retention, low temperature fluidity, cleaner engines and volatility control.
  • The latest low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulphur) additive chemistry used in this oil facilitates in maintaining the efficiency of the emission reduction systems such as Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which is used to meet Euro 6 emission requirements.
  • This oil is also suitable for application in HD gas engines.

Features & Benefits – Gulf Superfleet Synth ULE 5W-30

  • The latest state of the art additive technology provides exceptional thermo-oxidative stability for protecting engine components against high temperature deposits, sludge build-up and oil thickening.
  • The most advanced low SAPS additive technology protects after treatment devices from deposits and deterioration of catalysts
  • Superior shear stability reduces viscosity breakdown and oil consumption
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity enables easy pumpability and circulation at low ambient temperatures and provides wear protection at start-up
  • Excellent anti wear property and high temperature-high shear viscosity provide protection against engine wear & bore polishing facilitating extended engine life


  • Recommended for highly rated latest generation low emission vehicles meeting Euro 6, Euro 5 and earlier emission norms.
  • Suitable for EGR engines with or without particulate filters and for engines fitted with SCR NOx reduction systems.
  • Strongly recommended for engines fitted with particulate filters and is designed for vehicles running on low sulphur diesel fuel (Max. 50 ppm).
  • Specially recommended for MAN trucks requiring MAN M 3677 quality oils.
  • Suitable for application in HD gas engines.

Product Sheet

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