Gulf Sup.Trac.Oil Univ.15W-30

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200L, 20L, 5L

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Gulf Sup.Trac.Oil Univ.15W-30 – Gulf Super Tractor Oil Universal series are multifunctional tractor lubricants designed for use in a wide variety of modern farm equipment.

  • These oils are blended from specially selected base stocks and advanced additive package to provide reliable performance in wide range of farming applications.
  • These high performance STOU oils are suitable for use in diesel/gasoline engines, conventional gear drives, powershift transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, power steering systems and oil immersed brakes operating in agricultural services.
  • These oils are available in SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W30, 15W-40 and 20W-50 grades to enable the users to select an appropriate viscosity grade as recommended by farm equipment manufacturers for optimum performance.

Features & Benefits – Gulf Sup.Trac.Oil Univ.15W-30

  • Multifunctional capability of these oils makes them suitable for most lubricant applications in farm equipment and reduces inventory and chances of misapplication.
  • Good thermo-oxidative stability and effective detergency/dispersancy controls sludge build-up and deposits leading to cleaner engines.
  • Protects gears, transmissions and bearings against wear, scuffing and pitting.
  • Ensures smooth (jerk free) hydraulic operation.
  • Excellent anticorrosion property protects all working components.
  • Good low temperature property ensures less wear and improved hydraulic response at cold start-up.Applications
  • Suitable for most of the diesel/gasoline engines and transmission/hydraulic systems of tractors and other farm equipment
  • Also suitable for other applications of farm equipment including oil immersed brakes, powershift transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions, power steering systems and conventional gear drives

Product Sheet

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