Gulf Pride 2T Plus

Gulf Pride 2T Plus is a premium quality semi-synthetic lubricant specially developed for high powered 2-stroke air cooled gasoline engines fitted with oil-injection or premix systems

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding lubricity protects against piston scuffing and premature wear of engine components
  • Advanced formulation provides excellent control against engine deposits, exhaust system blocking and extended engine life without power loss
  • Low ash additive technology prevents pre-ignition and spark plug fouling
  • Specially selected synthetic base fluid reduces visible exhaust smoke
  • Easy miscibility with gasoline ensures stable homogeneous mixture even at low ambient temperatures


  • Recommended for high-powered 2-stroke motorcycles/ scooters operating under different conditions
  • Suitable for both oil-injection and premix lubrication systems; follow manufacturer’s recommendations for oil to fuel ratio
  • Suitable for air cooled 2-stroke gasoline engines used in all terrain vehicles, lawn mowers and other applications requiring oils of this quality
  • Also recommended for applications specifying ISO-L-EGC/ JASO FC or lower category oils for superior performance

Product Description

Specifications and Approval

Meets the following Specifications:

  • API TC

Has the following On File Status:


Pack Size:

20L, 4L, 1L

Product Sheet

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