Gulf HT Fluid TO-4 10W


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IBC, 200L, 20L,

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  • Gulf HT Fluid TO-4 10W: Gulf HT Fluid TO-4 series are specifically designed for powershift transmissions, final drives and wet brakes on heavy duty off-highway equipment used in earthmoving, mining logging, road transport and agricultural applications.
  • These oils are specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of Caterpillar TO-4, Komatsu powershift transmissions, ZF torque converter transmissions and Allison C-4 Automatic Transmissions.Features & Benefits – Gulf HT Fluid TO-4 10W
  • Improved thermo-oxidative stability and protection of metal surfaces against scuffing and wear gives longer oil and equipment life
  • Excellent control of frictional properties prevents clutch slippage and ensures smoother operation of transmissions and brakes
  • Provides good protection against rust and corrosion to precision equipment components when operating in humid conditions
  • Keeps metal parts free of sludge and varnish leading to reliable operation
  • Excellent foam control ensures effective wet brake and transmission performance and controls brake chatter
  • Good compatibility with all common seals, O rings, packing materials and clutch materials leads to reduced downtime
  • Very good low temperature fluidity (SAE 10W grade) ensures quick start up of equipmentApplications
  • Powershift and automatic transmissions, wet brake, torque converters and hydrostatic systems requiring these quality fluids
  • Heavy duty manual transmissions, gear boxes, final drives and hydraulic systems used in off highway equipments for Earthmoving, agricultural, logging, construction and mining applications requiring fluids meeting the below mentioned specifications.
  • Industrial torque converters and hydraulic systems where such type of fluids are specified

Product Sheet

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