Gulf Formula EFE 5W-30

Specifications and Approval

FORD M2C 934-B

Pack Size:

200L, 4L, 1L

Product Data Sheet


Product Description

Gulf Formula EFE 5W-30  Recommended for the recent models of Ford, Mazda fitted with gasoline and diesel engines and with DPF and TWC.

Top synthetic catalyst compatible engine oil low saps for last generation engines.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique additive chemistry increases the life of DPF & TWC and provides fuel economy benefits.
  • Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability decelerates oil degradation and thus facilitates extended oil change intervals
  • Active cleaning agents reduce deposits & sludge and keeps engine clean and increases its life.
  • Excellent anti wear technology leads to superior wear protection
  • Exceptional Stay-in-Grade performance ensures reliable lubrication even at higher loads
  • Outstanding low temperature fluidity aids quick cold start and provides wear protection at start-up

Applications Gulf Formula EFE 5W-30

  • Latest generation high performance gasoline and diesel engines in modern passenger cars light vans fitted with DPF and TWC requiring catalyst compatible fuel economy oils.
  • These oils may be unsuitable for use in some engines requiring high viscosity grade oils or in markets where fuel sulphur content is high (consult owner manual/ handbook).Ford Mazda 5W30


Product Data Sheet

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