Gulf Crown USG 2.5

  • Gulf Crown USG 2.5 provides excellent water resistance, wear protection, good mechanical stability, high load carrying capability and effective protection from corrosion which makes it suitable for the lubrication of slow moving and heavily loaded bearings.
    Features & Benefits
  • Improved adhesiveness and excellent water resistance properties makes it suitable for use in wet conditions.
  • Enhanced Load carrying capabilities and excellent wear protection helps endure high shock loads.
  • Good mechanical stability and resistance to softening ensures long lubricant life and prevents leak out of bearings.
  • Good corrosion protection for longer component life.
  • It is suitable for heavily loaded industrial application where water wash is problematic.
  • Also suitable for heavy duty vehicles operating under wet conditions.

Product Description

Specifications and Approvals:

Pack Size:

180Kg, 50Kg, 18Kg, Cartr. 400Gr x 12

Product Sheet

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