Specifications and Approvals:

General Motors DEXRON® IID, Ford MERCON®
ZF TE-ML 02F, 03D, 09, 11B, 11A, 17C
Voith 55.6335, MAN 339 Z1 & V1, MAN 339 Z2 & V2
Allison C-4, CAT TO-2
MB 236.1 and MB 236.5
ZF TE-ML 04D, 14A (ZF Approval Number: ZF001099)

Pack Size:
IBC, 200L,20L, 4L, 1L

Product Sheet



Product Description

  • Gulf ATF DX II is an automatic transmission fluid for automatic transmissions in older vehicles specifying use of DEXRON® II D quality fluids.
  • The high quality base oils and special additive system used in this oil provide resistance to oxidation, better frictional properties, good low temperature fluidity, improved seal compatibility & wear protection.
  • It exceeds the performance requirements of General Motors DEXRON® II D specification and provides excellent driving experience in a variety of driving conditions.

Features & Benefits -Gulf ATF DX II

  • Good thermo-oxidative stability minimises formation of lacquer, sludge & deposits and keeps transmission clean
  • Controlled frictional characteristics helps in consistent and smooth shifts in a variety of driving conditions
  •  Improved anti wear technology protects critical transmission parts against wear
  • Extremely high Viscosity index ensures adequate lubrication in both high operating & low starting temperatures
  • Better foam control leads to smooth & lasting shift feel and reduces fluid loss
  • Enhanced Low temperature fluidity assist in good cold start performance
  • Provides better protection against rust and corrosion
  • Compatibility with all common seal materials


  • Recommended for all vehicles of General Motors requiring DEXRON®-II D quality fluids.
  • Also recommended for power steering units, certain manual transmissions and hydraulic systems where such type of fluids are required

Product Sheet

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